PS100 Power Bank
PD100W input and output | Fast charging | 5 ports output | Outdoor light

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PD100W input and output as two-way charging

Empower your devices with unrivaled speed and efficiency using our PD100W input and output two-way charging power bank. Enjoy lightning-fast charging for your gadgets while simultaneously replenishing power on-the-go. Stay connected and productive with cutting-edge technology at your fingertips.


5 ports output at the same time

Experience premium convenience with our PD100W input and output two-way charging power bank. Charge up to five devices simultaneously with two Type-C and two USB-A ports. Stay powered and connected effortlessly, whether at work, on the go, or during your adventures.

Outdoor light

Unlock convenience and safety during outdoor living with our PD100W power bank. Enjoy seamless lighting for camping and hiking, with added emergency flashing function for unforeseen situations. Stay connected, safe, and fully equipped for any outdoor adventure with our reliable power bank, designed for your peace of mind.


Display and Portable Lanyard

Elevate your outdoor experience with our PD100W power bank. Its handy display keeps you updated on battery life, while the portable lanyard ensures easy access during hikes or camping trips. Stay connected, informed, and ready for any adventure with this essential outdoor companion.